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Nicole Ford

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Stepping in the Right Direction Black College Campus nad Cultural Tours would like to invite your College to participate in attending one of our Black College Tours FALL, SPRING or SUMMER.

The goal of the Stepping in the Right Direction Historically Black Colleges and University Tour Program is to educate students about additional transfer opportunities at these institutions and develop pathway that will ultimately contribute to an increase in baccalaureate degree attainment.

By visiting these campuses, students will have firsthand knowledge about the greatness of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities to share with other students.

Through our tour program, students will have the opportunity to meet recruiters, administrators and current students at the schools we are visiting gain first hand knowledge about the the transfer process, and be able to be accepted on the spot. Our program ALSO provides students from out tour to participate in a FOLLOW-UP with our Financial Aid & Scholarship Counselor who will meet with the students to go over any FURTHER questions that may have once they have attended the tour.