Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cost of the tour?

The tour is based on where you are traveling from, if you are coming as a group, or if you’re coming as an individual and if you require air transportation.

If you’re coming as an individual student, the cost can range from $1,700 or more for individual students.
The total cost of the tour covers airfare up to $400.

If you come in as a group, it can range from $500 per person to $1900 per person.

2. Can payments be made in Installments?

Yes, you can make payments on a monthly basis, and payments must be paid in full 60 days prior to departure.

3. How often will parents be contacted about the tour after completing the deposit?

Parents will be contacted on a regular basis starting about 2 months prior to the tour. Before this time, parents can go online to complete any payments. There is ALWAYS a Pre-Departure meeting about 1 month prior to the tour which will go over the full itinerary and all your commonly asked questions about the tour. You will receive the information about the meeting about 3 weeks prior to the meeting.

4. How Can I find out my balance?

If you are unsure about your balance, the fastest way to get a response is via email: We can forward you all your payment receipts that you should also have. If you are not receiving your receipts when you complete your payments online, there may be a simple issue with the email you are using, meaning the receipt may be going to your “spam” folder OR the email may be written down or input into the system incorrectly. Either way, please email us, so we can make the correction.

5. How do I know my payment was completed?

Once your payment is completed online, you will receive a RECEIPT via our 3rd party vendor, PAYPAL. The email address you input when completing the payment online is the email the receipt will go to. If you DO NOT receive a receipt, please contact our office via email: This is the quickest way to get a response.

6. How many students in a room?

There are usually 2-4 students of the same gender per room.

7. How many students are in the tour?

Each Tour is different, and can range from 50 to 100 students per tour

8. Where does the student leave from to attend the tour?

We have students from all over the country & internationally that attend the tour. Students leave from their home Airport if flying, and meet the STRD chaperone team in the airport where the tour starts.

9. What is the mode of transportation for the tour?

Air travel & Charter Bus or just Charter Bus

10. Are there Chaperones on the tour?

YES, every tour has a 1 to 5 ratio of chaperone to student. All of my chaperones are teachers, counselors, advisors, alumni, or recruiters.

11. What are the methods to complete payments?

Payments can be completed online via the website @, by contacting our office, or in person at our office. We do NOT accept personal checks.

12. What is the BEST method to contact Stepping in the Right Direction?

Stepping in the Right Direction values ALL of our parents and students and look forward to you all participating in our upcoming tour. Our goal is to ALWAYS have the BEST customer service. To ensure this, please EMAIL us first with any questions, as we can respond a lot quicker. We receive hundreds of calls every day, and our goal is to always return your calls in a timely fashion, but again, to ensure your questions are answered in a timely manner, EMAIL our office at: If you would like to call our office, please contact: 626.529.3802 or 626.765.9153. These are the BEST numbers to reach someone in our office.